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お笑い – おもしろ – インドの面白い動画2016 – 最高ののWhatsApp面白い動画 – 笑いしないようにしよう!

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コミケのコスプレの衣装は作れるもののネックになるのが『キャラクターの武器』 ソーシャルディスタンス


#70 ChooDuck Lustige Videos Лучшие приколы 2015 Funny compilation 楽しい 面白い動画 不覚にも笑ってしまった面白い動画

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2016年プロ野球 珍プレー集

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【Twitterで話題】面白い 動画 日本, Vine 高校生が面白すぎるwww ハハハハハ

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  1. gam ledda より:

    there was more than   1000 years, the japan inhabitants  were isolate themselves in their country from the world and now in 2017… most of  their stupid descendants continue to consider the  "gaijins" like if they  have all the pest, am i the only one who find that just pathetic while they've internet and Youtube? it's just sad

  2. Amar Tailor より:

    7:22 Fucking christ haha.

  3. Venneno より:


  4. aLEX fLETCHER より:

    I studied Japanese for 3 years. I didn't know half this shit!

  5. so11683 より:

    do a history about Sweden

  6. Aviv Bendov より:

    Can you do a history of America?

  7. Judy Pierson より:

    Just wanted to stick his patreon page here. Support his work so what we can get more history!

  8. Neir Rokue より:


  9. Paul Sauerwein より:

    And all of the rice kingdoms worshipped the riciest of them all!

  10. Bandit Dave より:

    , I guess

  11. Mike C より:

    10k dislikes are poor people who could not hire samurai 🙁

  12. Jesse McCree より:

    Is it me or does Britain seem to back everyone

  13. Lawrence Lim より:

    6:48 My country

  14. Easy Wizy より:

    opps i mean viewers

  15. Easy Wizy より:

    I'm just clearing that up because it's a recommend vedio and that of it's subcibers 30 M is a high number watching this

  16. Easy Wizy より:

    hay just pointing out in 6;20mins showed a flag of Yemen it's not Germany.Germany's flag has a orange not red that's wrong. Can you please fix or do something about it .please .

  17. Syncroniam より:

    How much stupid was the Imagawa clan to lose by the small clan

  18. DJ ToKyO より:

    press 3 for monkey fun
    press 7 for tiny islands

  19. Can you do a video like this for America?

  20. Steven Hardy より:

    are not gonna talk about the awesome music that played when the U.S demanded japan to open up?

  21. Howl より:

    Overtime the Economic and Cultural Prosperity began to slow dow- Intense Music Open the country now

  22. AnimeIsMy Life より:

    Then anime came along and fucked the image of japan

  23. 花の絶望 より:

    why haven't I discovered that earlier? q.q so good

  24. Ewan Croft より:

    i weirdly have a JVC TV and im British

  25. Kyra Rees より:

    i need this for every single country pronto

  26. MrFireCowboy より:

    Wait, Germany didn't even have to go through Belgium to get to France!